Let's Talk Design

Episode 11
Ethics in Design
29 August 2018

Andrew and Mike get existential about ethics, and how it applies to our work and our job titles as designers. This one somehow works its way into conspiracy theories, and psychology that isn't fully understood. Oh yeah...

Episode 10
Psychology, Pt.2 From Pavlov to Purchase
07 June 2018

How do salivating dogs and button-pushing birds explain the addictive (and sometimes, even financially runious) qualities of a game like Candy Crush? Our exploration into Behavioral Psychology continues. We discuss how designers can take advantage of some of the most fundamental patterns of human behavior to change the way people interact with their products. Nefarious or nice? It's not always clear.

Episode 9
Psychology, Pt.1 Rational, Non-Rational, Irrational
15 May 2018

Stop, for a moment, and think: what's the difference between rational, non-rational, and irrational behavior? Today we dissect the differences - both philosophically, and tangibly. Sit back and take in part 1 of our discussion on behavioral psychology as it applies to design.

Episode 8
Static Site Generators
30 April 2018

Static Site Generators: Tools like Jekyll, which turn bits of shorthand html and markdown into fully functional, publishable web pages. Are they an opiate that stops would-be developers from ever getting into the world of engineering, or are they a beautiful gateway tool, which allows designers and developers to design, prototype, and build in closer harmony than ever before? Get our take on it.

Episode 7
The right typeface for feed and seed
16 April 2018

Typefaces. Fonts. Whatever you call them - have you ever thought about the usability of fonts? Today we discuss what we use, particularly in dev tools. We also talk about our favorite typefaces, and some really great font foundries and open-source fonts. Get after it!

Episode 6
Pico 8
02 April 2018

Today we talk about the amazing Pico-8 — a retro-style virtual 8-bit game console that lets you play games and/or make them! It's a game platform and a game authoring platform at the same time. We're fascinated and quite smitten, and we think you will be too.

Episode 5
Ladder of Abstraction
19 March 2018

We talk about a fantastic writeup called Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction.